Custom Stair & Porch Lifts


When walking up the stairs is a challenge, give American Mobility Co, LLC. a call. Our company in Henrico, Virginia, offers a wide array of stair and porch lifts to suit any need or budget.

Exceptional Tools

Stair lifts are exceptional tools for navigating the stairs to upper and lower levels of your home safely and without worry. Allow us to install a custom system at your home and say good-bye to struggling and the fear of losing your balance or injuring yourself.

Portable & Custom Made

For any situation, American Mobility Co, LLC offers a variety of lifts in several styles to fit your needs and budget.

These portable lift systems are a cost-efficient alternative to make your life easier. The portable lifts come in various styles. Some are so versatile they fold right up and slip into a bag. So if need it for traveling, or even for use in different rooms, it is the perfect solution!

Lifts from Your Ceiling

Maneuver all areas of your home with ease with a useful ceiling lift. Go through your kitchen, bedroom, and hallway without worrying about falling or injuries.

Not only will your new ceiling lift help you access all areas of your residence, but it is also a safe way for a caretaker to assist you. With many styles to fit the interior contour of your home, we can help you find the right lift at the right price!

Platform Lifts

Our platform lifts are excellent, for not only assisting the client into a residence or work place but, also for saving space! Vertical Platform lifts (also known as porch lifts) can be an efficient, safer way to enter a building for the disabled!

With platform lifts coming in many different sizes, it is a must have item for the disabled! No matter if it’s for a client’s front door, back door, porch, or even in a garage, it is a great solution where there is not enough room for a ramp! The safety features go above and beyond; with sensors underneath, even the smallest bit of pressure will stop the machine in its entirety! This is one of many safety features these platform lifts have!

Stair Lifts

Stair Lifts are an exceptional tool for navigating the stairs safely. No more struggling with fear of possible loss of balance or personal injury. A stair lift eliminates the hassle and provides a safe way to access the upper and lower levels of a client’s residence or workplace!

Vehicle Lifts

Make traveling long or short distances possible for the disabled! No need to worry about the hassle of lifting your wheel chair, power chair, or even scooter, when a vehicle lift can help! Vehicle lifts come in a variety of options to choose from.
Contact us to install one of our easy-to-use stair lifts in your home and make mobility easy.